Nov 20, 2008

The late Shah's "Great Civilization" plans & projects

Visit the following link to review some of the late Shah of Iran's future plans for Iran and the realization of the "Great Civilization":

It is noteworthy to mention here that the recent completion of the "Milad Tower" in Tehran by the occupational Arabo-Muslim regime was part of an urbanization project that had been drafted over 30 years ago during the reign of His Imperial Majesty, Shahanshah Aryamehr.

Oct 23, 2008

Obama Website Lies About His Muslim Roots

Obama Website Lies About His Muslim Roots

ObamaAndCousinAbout Barack Hussein Obama II, who is running for President of the United States, his official campaign Website states: "Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian."

In fact, the presumptive Democratic candidate was born a Muslim according to Islamic religious law, and studied and practiced Islam as a child in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country.

Obama's Kenyan father, Barack Hussein Obama, was a Muslim. Thus, Obama, in Muslim eyes, is America's first Muslim-born Presidential candidate, because in Islam religious identity passes from the father to the child; and Obama remains a Muslim, assuming he never formally converted to Christianity (which is in doubt). Obama's Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was was also a Muslim--incredibly, Obama's American mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, married two Muslims--and Obama's Kenyan grandmother once described herself as a Muslim to The New York Times.

Obama's Kenyan cousin, the current Prime Minister and opposition leader, Raila Odinga (seen with Obama in the above photo), wants to impose Islamic religious law on the country; and he has promised Islamists that no Muslim jihadist will ever be deported for alleged terrorist involvement.

Melanie Phillips reports in The Spectator that Obama "has gone out of his way to support in Kenya Raila Odinga, head of the Luo tribe, who promised to introduce sharia law if elected. Obama interrupted his New Hampshire campaign to speak by phone with Odinga. As the Investor's Business Daily has reported, his half-brother Abongo "Roy" Obama is a Luo activist in Kenya and a militant Muslim who argues that the black man must 'liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture' and urges Barack to embrace his African Muslim heritage."

Phillips notes that Obama's "mentor, the black power-supporting Christian pastor Jeremiah Wright, is a close associate of Louis Farrakhan, the demagogue leader of the black power, Jew-hating militant organisation Nation of Islam. A number of Obama's own staffers have been members of the Nation of Islam."

McCain, Obama begin final sprint after last debate

McCain, Obama begin final sprint after last debate
October 16, 2008 05:46 AM ET
HEMPSTEAD, New York (Reuters) - Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama begin a 19-day sprint to Election Day on Thursday after a contentious final debate that featured aggressive McCain attacks on Obama's campaign tactics and tax plans.

McCain Presses Obama in Final Debate
John McCain raised persistent and pointed questions about Barack Obama in a session that was by far the most spirited and combative of their encounters this fall.

Searching for the Antidote to Ahmadinejad
Spiegel Online - Berlin,Germany
But many citizens unwilling to vote for an oligarch like Rafsanjani opted not to vote at all. Ahmadinejad was elected on a tide of right-wing populism. ...

Asian stocks drop after U.S. plunge; Tokyo off 11 per cent
Asian stocks tumbled Thursday after another dive on Wall Street as worse-than-expected data about the U.S. economy heightened fears of a global recession.

Iran blames US "hegemony" for financial crisis
Reuters - USA
ASTANA (Reuters) - Iran blamed the United States on Thursday for triggering global financial meltdown, saying the "hegemonic" nature of the US economy ...
US blowback in Iran's elections
Asia Times Online - Kowloon,Hong Kong
By Hossein Askari While the Islamic Republic of Iran is always careful to flaunt its independence from the United States, its next presidential elections in ...

Iranian inspectors evaluate Azerbaijan elections as sound
Mathaba.Net - London,UK
According to Baku office in the communique issued by the Elections Inspectors Delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is said, "This delegation ...

Iran congratulates Ilham Aliyev on re-election

Iran congratulates Ilham Aliyev on re-election
Tehran Times - Iran
TEHRAN -- Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad congratulated Azeri President Ilham Aliyev on his victory in Wednesday’s presidential election, ...

Jundullah right-hand man killed in Iran
Tehran Times - Iran
Four Jundullah militants have been killed in clashes with Iranian forces in Sistan-Baluchestan Province, bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. ...

Mideast should fear of US, not of Iran: author
Tehran Times - Iran
The Egyptian al-Banna said that the Arab nations well know that Islamic Republic of Iran's support to Hezbollah led it to victory, that is why Tel Aviv ...

Iran, Tanzania seek to strengthen ties
Tehran Times - Iran
“Tanzania is determined to deepen its relations with Iran and would support the Islamic Republic at the international venues.” He said Iran’s scientific ...

Iran and Allies Want to Cut OPEC Production by 1 Million
PoliGazette - Netherlands
Iran and its allies at OPEC, Oil Producing and Exporting countries, want to cut OPEC’s production by 1 million barrels per day, in order to prevent the ...

Iran to exhibit Qajar, Pahlavi stamps
PRESS TV - Tehran,Iran
... Naser ad-din Shah's reign. Qajar and Pahlavi stamps reflect the political and ideological changes which occurred in Iran in the space of 130 years. ...

Iran: Mullahs made a lot of fusses over a year old human rights ... (press release) - London,UK
"Human rights activists won't give up the fight until execution of under 18 people is abolished altogether in Iran," he said. Mostafaei said Iran has signed

Iran limits juvenile executions
Edmonton Sun - Alberta, Canada
By AP TEHRAN, Iran -- A new Iranian judicial directive bans the execution of juvenile offenders for drug crimes but keeps capital punishment for those ...

Iran says juvenile killers still face gallows
Africasia - London,UK
... of life imprisonment and not execution. Zebhi said in comments carried by Etemad Melli newspaper that Iran's attorney general and supreme court chief, ...

Iran promises no mercy against aggressor
PRESS TV - Tehran,Iran
Any decision to attack Iran would be an 'irreversible error' unforgivable until the fall of the enemy, says a senior Iranian commander. ...

Endorsement Puts Spotlight on a Legacy

Endorsement Puts Spotlight on a Legacy
New York Times - United States
In many ways, Mr. Powell’s endorsement reflected the rift between the so-called pragmatists, many of whom have come to view the Iraq war or its execution as ...

Iran official casts doubt on ban of youth executions
Reuters UK - UK
TEHRAN (Reuters) - An Iranian official has cast doubt on reports that the judiciary has banned executions of juvenile offenders, saying in comments reported ...

Iran to flex muscles in aerial drill
Haber 27 - Gaziantep,Turkey
Iran's show of armed muscle is aimed at demonstrating the country's military offensive capabilities in the wake of escalating war threats against the ...

Iran declares moratorium on executions of juveniles - UK
"The ban on juvenile execution is an important human rights development for sexual minorities, particularly those perceived to be gay," said the ...

Iran vows ”crushing response” to Israeli attacks
Al-Bawaba - Amman,Jordan
According to him, the Islamic Republic of Iran is fully ready for any possible action in any condition. "The minimum threat by any country would face the ...

Iran condemns UNSC decision as unfair
PRESS TV - Tehran,Iran
Iceland and the Islamic Republic of Iran failed to secure non-permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council during the UN General Assembly ...

UNESCO To Host Exhibit On Iran's Achievements
Bernama - Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
... Republic News Agency (IRNA), as saying that the event is part of the programs to mark the 30th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Iran's UNESCO ...

Iran: defeat in UN Security Council unjust
The Associated Press
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran says its failure to win a seat on the UN Security Council is an injustice. Japan defeated Iran in a secret ballot Friday to secure ...

Iran: defeat in UN Security Council unjust
International Herald Tribune - France
AP TEHRAN, Iran: Iran says its failure to win a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council was an "obvious injustice." Japan defeated Iran in a secret ...

The Bankruptcy of Islamic Law
FrontPage - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Take the Islamic Republic of Iran as an example, since its leaders have been among the most vociferous in claiming that they have a superior economic and ...

MP: Western states opposed to Iran's role in global developments
Tehran Times - Iran
Speaking to IRNA, he said the United Nations Security Council is under pressure and influence of the veto-wielding powers which do not let Iran get a seat ...

-02 [pol] [ed] @= Negotiation with Solana and 5+1 is Iran's ...
Tehran Times - Iran
Concerning Iran's nuclear issue, the Russian senior diplomat underlined Iran's right to access to nuclear energy and called dialogue and negotiation as the ...

Iran: Iraqis entitled to decide their fate
PRESS TV - Tehran,Iran
The Head of Iran's Expediency Council, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, says the Iraqi people are seeking the right to determine their own fate. ...

Field Marshal Bahram Aryana

Field Marshal Bahram Aryana
An old interview with Iranian patriot and Field Marshal Bahram Aryana in Paris, uploaded by SarbazeKuchak.

Shahanshah's resting place.

An Iranian compatriot visiting our Emperor's temporary resting place in Egypt.

Shahanshah Aryamehr